Can International Students Do Doordash With A F1 Visa?

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can international students do doordash with a f1 visa

Studying and living in the United States of America is a dream for many foreigners.

A large number of students decide to study overseas, indeed the US offers a high quality of research programs. There is a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees and the quality of the course structure is high.

Full-time students can achieve their dream and goals with both F-1 and M-1 nonimmigrant visas. The F-1 visa can be obtained by international students who wish to attend educational institutions in the United States. You can apply for a F-1 visa if you want to enroll in an approved American institution for more than 18 hours of lessons per week.

It can cover levels ranging from elementary school through college and graduate school, including other degrees.

To be eligible for the F-1 visa, you must meet some requirements such as: be enrolled as a full-time student at a SEVP-approved school in the United States, be fluent in English, and have proof of sufficient financial funds to support yourself during the period of study.

If you are looking for ways to earn a respectable amount of cash during your downtime as a student, delivery jobs are one of the most widely available side hustles. Unlike driving jobs, you do not even need a car for food and grocery delivery. You can even use a bike to deliver food, flowers or alcohol.

However, it is really important that students on F-1 visas understand the rules of their visa status before engaging in employment or work opportunities in the U.S.

The good news is that international students are allowed to work in the United States under their F-1 visa, but can F1 students do doordash? Keep reading to find out.

What Is A Contract Job?

Contract jobs are short-term jobs. One of the main advantages when you work as an independent contractor is that you can work for multiple companies at the same time. For example, you can work for Doordash and Uber Eats at the same time.

Generally, the relationship with the company you work with is outlined by an agreement. This means that you can have multiple contracts rather than a single full-time position.

Independent contractors may qualify for a 1099 form for tax purposes.

There are a lot of advantages to working in a contract position like Doordash. First of all, you will perform a specific and really easy task: deliver food, alcohol, groceries and even flowers.

A contract job like Doordash does not require many skills and materials as it can also be done with a bike.

Finally, there are no working hours and you can work on your own schedule and earn extra money when delivering during the busiest times.

Can A Student With An F-1 Visa Work For Doordash During The First Year Of College?

If you are wondering “Can I work as a Dasher with a F1 during my first year of university?” The short answer is no.

Indeed, international students are permitted to obtain legal employment in the United States on the F-1 visa, but they are not permitted to work outside of their University campus during the first year.

At BestReferralDriver we are a team of gig workers. Some members of our team are immigrants and we want to help you by providing you more insightful information based on their experiences.

If you are an international student and want to work on campus, it is essential to understand all the restrictions and conditions.

Since you cannot work off-campus under any circumstances during the first year of your studies, even if you meet the requirements to become a Dasher, you cannot work for Doordash.

Working Under The F-1 Visa on Campus

As mentioned above, F-1 visa holders are allowed to work only on their college campus during the first year of their studies.

However, they must meet the eligibility requirements established by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Basically, they define campus employment as “work that takes place on or off campus that is affiliated with the school.” According to our experience, during the first year of college many international students are able to find a campus job at:

  • The cafeteria
  • The dorm
  • The bookstore
  • The library
  • Work as a research assistant

You can find below a complete list of all the conditions F-1 visa students need to meet in order to work on campus.

  • The student must have a social security number
  • The job should not dislodge a US citizen
  • The student can only work part-time (in any case no more than 20 hours per week)

To help you find on-campus work, you should contact your school’s international office and financial aid office.

How Many Hours You Can Work On Campus

The first and important thing you need to know is that there is a set number of hours you are allowed to work. If you work as self-employed, you are also responsible to keep track of the number of hours you work.

Basically, during regular school terms/semesters, international students in the United States under the F-1 visa can only work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

You can work more than 1 job to make up these hours as long as you continue to meet the conditions of your visa study permit.

During scheduled breaks in the school year, the working hours limit is 40 hours a week.

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Can International Students Work For Doordash After 12-Months Of Having A F-1 Visa?

After successfully completing the first year of their studies, international students can engage in three types of off-campus work:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training Extension (OPT) or extension of optional practical training.
  • The Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Practical Training Program.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) or optional practical training (pre-completion or post-completion).

Given that after your first year of university you are allowed to seek off-campus employment, I guess you are wondering if you can sign up for Doordash.

While you are allowed to work off-campus and work as an independent contractor with f1 visa, however, you still need to meet certain conditions to be able to do so, such as:

  • The job should not dislodge a US citizen;
  • The student cannot work more than 20 hours per week (during breaks you will be allowed to work 40 hours per week)
  • You must obtain an authorization from the Designated School Official (DSO)
  • You must be in good standing (determined by the DSO)
  • You must be experiencing extreme financial hardship caused by an unforeseen circumstance beyond your control, such as medical bills, sharp increase in tuition fees, loss of financial aid through no fault of your own, devaluation of your home country's currency

This means that even after your first year of university, it is very unlikely that you will be allowed to work as a Dasher.

How To Find a Job For International Students in the USA?

According to the International student service to UC Berkeley, the following are the best tips to increase your chances of getting a job as an international student in the US.

Get Involved

You probably already know it. In the US, extracurricular activities, related hands-on experience, and leadership experience are really important to succeed and expand networks.

These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility.

US employers always positively value students with extracurricular activities.

Refine Your Communication Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are used every day when we communicate and interact with other people, and are really important when you look for a job. You should have strong English language skills, or work to develop them.

💡 PRO TIP: You may find employment in all recognized international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization, and more. It is important to know that regardless of the duration of your work in an international organization, you will eventually be eligible for the OPT 12 months after completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need A Work Permit For Doordash

According to our experience, since Doordash does not need to fill out form I-9 for an independent contractor, you can start a contract job without violating any immigration laws.

Can A H1b Visa Work For Doordash?

No, unfortunately, you cannot work for Doordash, Uber or any other 1099 contractor jobs on an H-1B visa. Indeed, with a H-1B visa, your employer becomes your sponsor and you must comply with even stricter criteria. You can only work for your employers and you cannot work as an independent contractor.

Working In The Usa With A F1 Visa

Getting a job in the USA as an international student is a challenging process. Unfortunately, you are not even allowed to make money delivering with Doordash. Indeed, only students who have experienced economic hardship and are struggling to make ends meet are allowed to work off campus after they have completed at least one academic year for up to 20 hours per week. Like all other students, they can work up to 40 hours a week during holidays, breaks and vacation periods.

Because of all these restrictions, a lot of foreign students choose to apply for Canadian colleges where the eligibility requirements to work off campus are much more lax compared to those in the US.

Disclaimer: This guide is only general in nature and is not to be construed as legal advice for any subject as all the facts are not known. Any and all answers are of a general nature only. The answers are not meant to and do not create an attorney-client relationship. Any recipients of content from this answer should not take action or refrain from taking action based on the answer provided in this general question/answer web page. Please seek appropriate legal advice based on the facts from an attorney licensed to provide such advice.

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