Solo Funds Review (2023): For Borrowers and Lenders

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Looking for a reliable way to get access to cash advances fast? Solo Funds is the answer! Our latest Solo review of this digital lender in 2023 covers everything you need to know about the service, including its rates and conditions for borrowers as well as its attractive returns for lenders. Discover how Solo Funds could be an ideal choice whether you're looking for quick access to funds or want to generate additional income through low-risk investments.

What is Solo Funds?

Solo Funds is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows individuals to make money with their own funds while also making an impact in their community. It is also a cash advance app like Brigit which offers borrowers access to quick and easy loans. The financial service provider was designed with the goal of empowering individuals to become financially independent, secure their financial future, and create positive change in their community.

Solo Funds Lend And Borrow

The Solo platform allows users to lend their own funds (up to $1,000) directly to another individual who needs help. With this loan system, borrowers can receive instant financing and use it for any purpose they desire. This helps them manage unexpected expenses or pay off debts quickly without relying on traditional bank loans or other sources of credit.

OOn the other hand, lenders are able to earn an income by lending out their money thanks to the tips left by borrowers. Lenders have the additional advantage of knowing exactly where their money is going and how it will be used – helping them make more informed decisions about choosing the right projects or people.

Solo Bank

Solo Bank offers customers a debit card, a network of ATMs, and no overdraft fees. Customers can use their Solo Card anywhere that accepts debit cards. They also have access to over 32,000 ATMs across the US that are part of the Allpoint Network. Withdrawals from these machines are free, while deposits may incur a fee depending on the location of the ATM.

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How Does Solo Fund Work For Borrowers And Lenders

For Borrower

Solo Fund works as an online platform for borrowers to access short-term loans in minutes. The application process is simple, fast and secure: borrowers can fill out the request form through the website or the Solo app which is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and submit it for review.

Borrowers must provide valid personal information including their name, address, phone number and Social Security Number. When you apply for an account with Solo, they will run a soft credit check which won't harm your credit score. This helps them create your proprietary in-app credit score, known as the SoLo Score, which helps lenders decide if they're comfortable lending money to you or not.

After a borrower’s request is approved, they will be able to access their loan amount within 20 minutes or less.

To create a borrowing request, borrowers need to provide some basic details such as their first name, last initial, purpose of the loan, requested loan amount (up to $575) and repayment schedule (up to 35 days).

Additionally, if they choose to do so they may add a profile picture and/or offer a lender tip as incentive for lenders to fund their loan. When lenders view these requests they take into account an applicant's SoLo Score which is based on their credit score, bank account usage, past SoLo Funds repayment history and information from social media accounts.

Once lenders decide to fund a borrower’s request, SoLo will debit the lender’s account and send funds directly into the borrower's account within 20 minutes or less. Once your loan is disbursed you can use it however you wish - whether that is paying off bills or simply taking care of day-to-day expenses.

At the end of your repayment period Solo sends reminders about upcoming payments so that borrowers can stay on top of their obligations without any hassle or worry about late fees. Repayment terms are flexible with Solo allowing customers to pay back early without penalty if desired; this allows borrowers more control over their finances so that they don't fall behind on payments.

If you ever have any questions while using the platform customer service personnel are available 24/7 over email or through phone support in order to provide assistance with any issues that may arise while using this service.

For Lenders

Lenders browse the loan requests detailed on the platform, from which they can choose which request to fund. The details of each request include the amount being requested, any tip offered by the borrower, the purpose of the loan, as well as when it will be repaid. After selecting a loan to fund, lenders can securely provide funds to borrowers directly within the platform.

Once repayment is made, lenders instantly receive their money back with interest accrued if applicable. This payment system ensures that both parties are protected throughout their transaction and gives lenders peace of mind. Additionally, all loan requests are processed through our secure payment gateway so that all transactions remain confidential and private.

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Solo Funds Overview


In order to be eligible for an account with Solo Funds, you'll need to meet these criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a 10-year non-conditional card;
  • Have a bank account with a debit card that Solo supports.

Minimum and Maximum Borrowing Amount

Once approved for an account, the minimum borrowing amount is $20 and the maximum borrowed amount is $100 for first-time users (this amount may increase over time based on your repayment history).

Interest and Fees

The money borrowing app offers flexible repayment plans that are tailored to each borrower's budget and needs. You'll be able to choose from several different options on how long your repayment period will be and how much of each monthly payment will go towards principal versus interest. There are no hidden fees or charges, but there are late fees if payments aren't made on time and these fees can increase over time if payments continue to not be paid on time.

If payment is not received by the end of the grace period, a fee will be applied. If payment is not received within 90 days of the original repayment date, the account is turned over to a collection agency for further action.

Solo App Reviews And Complains

A quick read though solo lending reviews reveals that some unhappy customers.

One major complaint revolves around customers not getting their loan back after they have lent it through the app. This can be a very stressful experience considering that an individual had trusted the app enough to allow them to lend out money without any problems arising. Customers have noted that the customer service team can be unresponsive in these cases or provide inadequate solutions, leading to further stress and dissatisfaction with the service provided by Solo Funds App.

Many customers have complained about having issues understanding their loan agreements, as they contain confusing language or often lack clarity. This is especially true when customers are unsure of how late fees work or what interest rates are associated with their loan agreement. Without proper knowledge of what they’re agreeing to, customers can find themselves in difficult financial situations due to not properly understanding their contract terms.

Some customers have reported that the cash advance app rarely answers emails or phone calls from customers who are struggling financially due to their loan agreement terms. The customer support team rarely responds in a timely fashion which leads many people feeling helpless when dealing with financial matters related to Solo loans. This issue has been raised multiple times and yet there seems to be no improvement from the company in regards to responding promptly and adequately to customer inquiries regarding loans or other important matters.

Other consumers also state that getting approved for a loan can be difficult since there are long waits involved between applying for a loan and actually getting approved for one. The process doesn’t seem intuitive either as some users report being confused about certain aspects such as eligibility criteria or income verification process required for certain types of loans offered by Solo Funds App.

Finally, some people have experienced technical issues while using the app itself, including being unable to complete transactions or having difficulties setting up payments through the platform - these technical issues have caused people considerable aggravation when trying to use the app correctly and effectively manage their finances through it.

Overall, while there may be some negative experiences associated with using Solo Funds App there are also many positive experiences that make it worth considering if you’re looking for a financial tool that offers convenience and flexibility but also reliability when handling your finances digitally via mobile device apps such as this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solo Funds Safe?

Solo Funds is a secure and reliable platform that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. It has also earned excellent reviews from customers on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where it has a 4.3/5 and 4.7/5 stars respectively. With over 14,000 reviews on Apple App Store and 6,000 votes on Google Play Store, users have a lot of confidence in the security of the money-borrow app.

It also offers different types of financial products such as mutual funds, stocks & bonds, ETFs and other investment options to users who want to diversify their portfolios and make smarter decisions with their money. Furthermore, the cash advance app like Earnin also offers customer support to ensure all queries are solved quickly and efficiently. All in all, Solo Funds is a safe and secure platform for you to invest your hard-earned money into suitable products for your personal needs.

Is Solo Funds Legit?

SoLo Funds is a legitimate financial services company. Founded in 2018 by Jarrel Carter, Rodney Williams, Taylor Bruno, and Travis Holoway, the company has since grown to have 21 investors including Impact America Fund and Endeavor Catalyst. SoLo Funds aims to close the racial wealth gap through innovative financing solutions such as crowdfunding campaigns and microloans.

They also provide resources and mentorship opportunities to help borrowers build strong credit scores and start their own businesses. This commitment to creating economic opportunity has been widely praised by both industry analysts and customers alike. With a mission of helping more people achieve financial success, SoLo Funds looks set to revolutionize the way we approach access to capital for small businesses in underserved communities.

Is Solo Funds Worth It For Borrowers and Lenders?

Since its launch, Solo Funds has been positively received by both borrowers and lenders due to its ease of use and effective risk management services. Borrowers can apply for loans quickly and securely without worrying about costly interest rates or long wait times for approval. Lenders appreciate their ability to quickly assess the risk associated with each borrower using the SoLo score before investing in any particular loan request.

For borrowers, Solo Funds has a unique benefit: it doesn't charge any interest on the loan. This makes it attractive to those who have limited access to other loan options or who may be wary of high-interest rates associated with payday loans. Additionally, Solo also assists in building credit by reporting payments to the main credit bureaus, allowing borrowers to improve their creditworthiness over time.

The fact that Solo Funds charge no interest is also beneficial for lenders because they can get a higher return on their investment than they would with traditional loan options. Furthermore, the process of managing risk is automated so that the lender doesn’t have to make decisions about whom to lend money to manually. The SoLo score provided by Solo Funds informs them about how risky the loan will be before they make any final decisions.

For Lenders: Solo is a great opportunity to make an impact on your community and to make some extra money thanks to tip amounts.

However, there are some risks associated with borrowing money through the platform. You should keep in mind that it is your discretion who to lend to. The lower the SoLo score the more riskier the loan becomes.

Finally, the team at Solo Funds actively monitors accounts after they are sent off to third-party collections agencies in order ensure that all payments are processed smoothly and on time as well as providing helpful customer support when needed. This provides added reassurance for both lender and borrower alike that everything is being taken care of properly throughout the duration of the loan period which can be particularly important when it comes regarding debt repayments.

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