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Want hassle-free transportation to get you from A to B? Whether you're planning an extended road trip, looking for more flexibility than a traditional rideshare offers, or want the convenience of having your own car on a business trip, Lyft Car Rental provides it all in one place. With expanded services across dozens of states and hundreds of cities in North America, it's easier than ever to find exactly what you need. In this post we'll talk about why renting a car with Lyft is worth considering, the ins and outs of how their rental system works along with our review covering pros and cons - so read on if you’re interested in deeper insights!

Overview Of Lyft Car Rental - What It Is And How It Works

Lyft Car Rental is a car rental service operated by the popular transportation company, Lyft in partnership with Hertz. In the Express Drive program, Lyft and Hertz are already working together as partners.

The rental car program offered by Lyft enables Lyft drivers and potential rideshare drivers to make money with the company even if they do not own a vehicle of their own.

Offering customers flexibility and convenience, Lyft Car Rental provides an expanded range of vehicles for short and long-term rental needs. This service was introduced in 2019 in cities across the United States and Canada.

The Lyft rental car program is designed to make it easy for people to get around without having to own a car. Whether you need a vehicle for errands or business, shopping or sightseeing, or just getting from place to place on vacation, Lyft Car Rental has you covered.

The company offers both short-term hourly rentals and long-term weekly and monthly rentals depending on your needs. With car pick up locations at airports as well as local lots throughout various cities, the service is easily accessible and convenient.

Reserve Your Rental Car With Lyft

Renting a car through Lyft is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is reserve a vehicle online or via their app – select your pick up location, time of rental, type of vehicle (sedan, hybrid or SUV), and length of stay – and then pay with your preferred payment method such as credit card or Paypal.

You can also purchase additional options such as unlimited mileage or roadside assistance when you book the rental. Once confirmed, you’ll receive all the details of your rental including the pick up location address.

In addition to standard features included in all rentals - 24/7 customer support line to answer questions related to your reservation as well as the coverage insurance protection providing peace of mind - there are also optional benefits available such as discounts so that customers can really customize their experience based on personal preferences.

Pickup Up Your Rental Car

All you have to do is go to the pickup location. Once you’ve confirmed your reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation email with directions on how to pick up the car at the designated address. On arrival, you’ll simply follow the Lyft Rentals sign and show your driver’s license and pick up the keys—it's that easy!

Return Your Lyft Car Rental

I returned to the Lyft car rental lot on my last day. The staff member there welcomed me with a warm smile. I found an available spot in the lot and parked my car safely before loading up my belongings and dropping off the keys in a secure dropbox.

All in all, it was an easy and stress-free way to end my trip!

Overall, Lyft Car Rental offers customers convenience combined with affordability making it an ideal solution for those looking for on-the-go transportation without having to own or maintain their own vehicle—whether they’re traveling abroad or within their hometown area!

Types Of Cars Available For Rent With Lyft

Lyft provides many vehicles for rent, including luxury cars. Whether you need a car to take you to the airport or a special occasion, Lyft has you covered. Here's a guide to some of the types of cars they offer and how they can get you there in style.

Compact Cars

An efficient and affordable way to get around town, compact cars are perfect for anyone who needs to save on fuel costs without compromising on space. Popular models such as the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic offer plenty of room for your passengers and luggage while also providing excellent gas mileage. Compact cars are also great for when you just need to make short trips around town.


Practicality meets comfort with sedans, which provide ample interior space compared to compact cars along with a smoother ride. Some popular models include the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata, and Chevrolet Malibu – all offering four doors for easy access into their comfortable interiors. Sedans are great for longer trips like drives across town or even out-of-town business trips.


For those who want extra cargo room and passenger capacity, SUVs are the perfect pick. These vehicles offer ample legroom and headroom plus all the creature comforts that come with luxury vehicles like heated leather seats and dual climate control systems. You can opt for three-row seating if you have a bigger family or if you simply need more seating space during long trips. Popular choices include the Ford Explorer and GMC Yukon.

Luxury Sedan

Upgrade your ride with an elegant luxury sedan that not only offers powerful performance but also top-notch features such as premium audio systems, advanced safety systems, and even automated parking assistance technology – making your drive smoother than ever before. Popular options include BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class, Lexus GS350 – all giving off sophisticated vibes from every angle both inside and out as well as providing a smooth yet sporty driving experience that will keep your passengers entertained throughout their journey.

No matter what your destination is or how far away it may be – Lyft has you covered! With a variety of vehicle types available ranging from compact cars to luxury sedans there’s something suitable for everyone’s needs no matter how big or small their trip may be - helping them get there in style! So whether it’s taking your family across town or going on a romantic weekend getaway – let Lyft take care of getting you there safely so all that’s left is having fun!

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How Much Does a Lyft Rental Car Cost?

When it comes to costs associated with renting from Lyft Car Rental there are several factors that come into play including type/size of vehicle chosen along with length of stay and duration of use.

The good news is that there are no hidden fees! Using the Lyft fare estimator you will get an upfront price of your rental. Only tools and eventual tickets are on top of your rental price.

And if you decide to keep your rental longer than expected then additional charges will be added directly to your final bill depending on how much extra time was used.

To give you an example, the base rate for 3 days for my compact car in LAX was $240,72.

How To Make A Booking With Lyft Rental Car - Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Step 1: Launch the Lyft app and tap on the key symbol in the bottom navigation bar to access the daily rental option. Alternatively you can enter your pickup and drop off locations, and select a rental car from the available Lyft ride types.
  • Step 2: Choose one of the available cars
  • Step 3: Review all of the details including pick-up dates, times, address, Lyft ride credit ($10 each way), and per-gallon gas price (charged after the reservation).
  • Step 4: Tap on "Book Now" to confirm your reservation.
  • Step 5: Receive an email or text with a confirmation of your reservation. This will include a breakdown of all charges so you can be sure you know exactly what you're paying for.
  • Step 6: You may need to show your driver's license at pick up - please bring it with you! Please note that if you are under 20 years old you will not be able to rent a vehicle using the Lyft app. Take a look at our guide with the best car rental apps.
  • Step 7: Pick up your vehicle at the designated location and enjoy your trip!

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Lyft Rental Car Review - I Tried It!

My name is Eleonora, and I'm one of the founders of Bestreferraldriver. During a recent trip to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), I decided to try out Lyft car rental as an alternative method of transportation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find reliable rideshare services or even a Taxi at LAX , so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to experience a new option for getting around.

At Bestreferraldriver, we strive to provide our readers with honest reviews on the various services that we try out. We want our readers to have the best information available so they can make informed decisions about their travels. Therefore, I wanted to share my experience with Lyft car rental in Los Angeles in order for others to gain insight into what their own experience may look like.

The process of signing up was incredibly easy - all I had to do was download the app, enter my payment information and my driver’s license. Once everything was set up and approved, I was able to pick up my car right away!

The vehicle was clean and well-maintained, which made me feel safe during the duration of the journey. However, the fare rate was quite expensive compared to other car rental companies such as Kyte.

Overall, my experience with Lyft car rental in Los Angeles was positive - it provided an efficient means of transportation. As such, if you're ever stuck without a way home from LAX, consider taking advantage of this service!

Benefits of Lyft Car Rental

Featuring a wide selection of vehicles, including luxury cars, SUVs and more, customers have plenty to choose from when they’re in need of a car rental. With that said, is Lyft’s car rental service worth it? We look at some key pros and cons associated with this option.

Free Additional Driver

One of the major benefits associated with renting a car through Lyft is that their service comes with free additional drivers. This means you can add one or more people to your policy who can drive the car without having to pay for an extra driver fee. This gives customers access to a wider range of travelers and also helps them save money on rental costs.

Reserve Vehicle in Advance and Pay Later

Another benefit associated with renting from Lyft is that you can reserve your vehicle ahead of time and then pay for it later. You don’t have to put down any money upfront for your reservation, so customers won’t worry about being stuck with unexpected charges if something changes in their plans.

Free Cancellation with No Fees

Additionally, cancellations are free without penalty fees, making it easy for customers to cancel their bookings without worrying about losing out financially. Finally, the company also offers free Lyft credit even if you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of the rental – another great perk that makes renting from Lyft even more attractive.

Free Lyft Credit

Lyft is not a car rental delivery service, but the free lyft credit may cover the cost of transportation to the pickup location.If you're new to Lyft, don't forget to download the app with our new user promo code, and for even more savings, check out our guide to existing user promo codes.

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Cons of Lyft Car Rental

On the other hand, there are also some cons associated with using Lyft’s car rental service that should be considered before booking.

Rental Prices

First off, prices may be slightly higher than what competitors offer – so always make sure you compare rates between different providers before settling on one option.

Limited Availability

Secondly – unfortunately – not all locations offer the same selection when it comes to vehicles; some cities may have limited availability when compared to others so keep this in mind when booking your trip. Lastly, even though there are optional coverage options available for renters or those who want an extra layer of protection – these typically cost extra which could add up over time depending on how frequently you use the service.

Open The Lyft App and Rent Your Car!

After reading this article, you now know everything you need to know about Lyft car rental. We have given a thorough review of their rental options, and highlighted their strengths as a car rental option. Whether you will be using lyft as a primary or supplementary transportation service, there are lots of reasons why it may be the right platform for you. With lyft’s easy process, they outline what’s required before getting behind the wheel. And from finding your perfect vehicle to returning it in good condition, the entire process is simple and straightforward. So if you’re thinking of renting a car through Lyft, then now is the time to take action! With everything that we have learned about their services, giving them a try could led to an excellent experience on the road. You never know until you try!

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