5 Best Car Stereo With Backup Camera (2 DIN)

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best car stereo with backup camera

Do you need some good advice on buying a new car stereo with a backup camera?

Then you have come to the right place!

We have gathered in this special comparison the 5 best car radios with backup cameras that you can buy in 2021.

Since the web is flooded with so many reviews and information, it can be overwhelming at times.

In this complete guide we will also help you understand how to choose the best 2 DIN car stereo with a rear camera that fits your needs.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Car Stereo With A Backup Camera

2 DIN car radios are currently more and more popular with motorists due to the large variety of features that improve the user experience and the additional comfort provided by the presence of a screen. Also, choosing the right model can be quite problematic as there are so many offers out there with tons of options.

To make a smarter purchase, it would be a good idea to review these few elements that we provide to you in this quick buying guide.

Screen Size

The first advantage of a double DIN car radio is obviously the presence of a screen on which you can consult the GPS and the images from the backup camera.

You can also use it to watch movies. It is always best to opt for a large display to see the images in the best possible way.

A screen of at least 7 inches will allow you to navigate more easily in the menu by ending up with large icons which will prevent you from exerting too much effort when you are behind the wheel. Note that if the lack of space in your car is what is preventing you from acquiring one, there are many models that can pop out and retract the screens into the car stereo.

Image Quality

The screen image quality is an essential point that will have a major impact on your user experience. To enjoy clear, well-defined images, choose car radios with a screen that have a resolution of 1080p. This is all the more important if you plan to watch movies during your stops on a long trip.


The best 2 DIN car stereos with navigation should make your driving easier but also safer. The navigation system will identify your position and assist you.

In fact, in this way you will avoid looking at the small screen of your smartphone and orient yourself using a larger surface.

Quality navigation units provide access to the latest maps and make them easy to use so you don't lose focus on the road in front of you.

The navigation functions also include reverse navigation and allow you to use a rear view camera as well. It's probably a feature you'll pay a premium for but it's often worth it.

If you invest in this rear view technology, opt for one that automatically switches to the camera setting, even while listening to music, if it detects that you are reversing the car.

Bluetooth and USB Connection

With the 2 DIN car radio, we are far from the era of the radio which was limited to audio cassettes, or at best CDs. Indeed, it is a new generation of device that has the ability to connect to several other devices. That said, make sure that it has at least one USB port, one auxiliary input (AUX) and a card reader so that it can be physically paired with an external device.

Your car radio can be well connected with your smartphone or other devices such as an mp3 player, an mp4 player, a tablet, via the Bluetooth wireless link.

This is moreover one of the most essential features that will allow you to take hands-free calls. With the Wifi connection, you will be able to browse the internet directly from your car radio and it will also provide online radio.

Ease Of Use

There is nothing better than using a car stereo that offers intuitive menus that can be easily manipulated to keep you safe while driving. For greater user comfort, do not hesitate to opt for a model that works with the steering wheel controls, which no longer requires you to touch the buttons or the screen of the radio. Some models even offer more advanced features like voice control to avoid distraction.


The next important factor to consider is the price you are ready to pay. The rule of thumb is to check the price of the products that meet your needs. And then hover and check your best bets. Some of the best 2 din car stereo range from $90 to $500.

There will be instances when you realize that the budget is too low to get all the features you are looking for. If so, increase your budget or stick to a lower variant available and consider an upgrade in the future.

Many times, you can get a good discount on the products, especially during the sales and holidays. So consider that too.

After Sales Service

Most of the most famous brands produce a durable 2 din pioneer car stereo. But usage differs and problems can occur at any time. So it is always a good practice to check the rating of the service center in your locality.

You can do this by simply searching for it on Google or Yahoo. Take a look at the ratings and make sure they aren't too low. Also, check the number of such centers available in your area to make sure there are more options available in case one goes out of service.

Best Double Din Radio With Backup Camera

1. Podofo Q3143 – The Best Touch Screen Radio With Backup Camera

Screen size: 7 inches

If you want to replace your old car stereo with a model offering more modern features to improve the comfort level of your car, the Podofo Q3143 is a candidate that should not be overlooked. A true technological revolution, this device will change the way you enjoy your journeys in your vehicle.

More than just a car radio, the Podofo Q3143 is in itself an in-car system on which you can consult your GPS, view websites, watch movies, go to social networks and associate with a rear view camera. Its beautiful 7-inch screen showed us during its test that it promises high definition images, which allows you to enjoy your films in optimal conditions.

Aside from offering remarkable picture quality, its 7-inch screen makes it easy to navigate the menu with the benefit of Android 7.1's intuitive interface. In addition, you can also find all the content of your smartphone there thanks to Mirror Link technology by connecting the two devices through Wifi or the USB cable. A detail that did not fail to generate many positive reviews given its very practical aspect.

But that's not all, this 2 DIN car stereo lets you enjoy great conveniences like the steering wheel control function and the automatic activation of the rear view camera when you engage the reverse gear.

Not to mention that the screen can be retracted into the car stereo so it doesn't take up much space when you're not using it. With the many benefits it offers, it's no wonder that the Podofo Q3143 is considered by many motorists to be the best car stereo with reversing camera to have in 2021.


  • The best car radio with rear camera according to our ranking.
  • One of its best features is a retractable 7 inch screen with great image quality.
  • Offers fast and intuitive navigation while running Android 7.1.
  • Activates the reversing camera automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged.
  • Offers the ability to manage your smartphone on the screen with MirrorLink technology.
  • Allows you to consult the GPS and websites.
  • Equipped with a USB port, an SD card reader and an AUX input.
  • Compatible with steering wheel controls.


  • Assembly instructions are not very clear
  • There can be some small connection problem with some smartphone models

2. Sony XAV-AX100- 2 DIN car stereo with GPS

Sony is one of the best car stereo brands with sound quality. The 2 DIN car stereo has a mid-price range and is a good investment to start modifying your car with a backup camera. We are talking about a very light device that has a neat and intuitive layout.

Sony XAV-AX100 has a 6.4-inch screen size. The knob gives you access to most of the menu options and you have the opportunity to also use voice messages.

The audio section is where the configuration becomes truly complete.

If you plan to upgrade your entire audio system, you can use the three pre-provided outputs.

Therefore, you won't have to settle for only listening to music in the lower part of your car. With DSO you will have such a recalibration that you can hear the speakers placed near you.

Finally, the voice recognition system of your Android phone will also work with this Sony 2 DIN car stereo.


  • Great stereo
  • Easy to hook up
  • Easy to use


Need to have the USB connected as it doesn't work via bluetooth

3. Honboom: 2 DIN bluetooth car stereo

The Honboom is one of the best bluetooth car stereos. The device features a 7-inch HD screen, a touchscreen, hands-free calling and rear view camera included.

Honboom is one of Amazon's best-selling products and has over 200 positive reviews. The product is one of the best cheap 2 DIN car stereos because its price is really affordable.

Bluetooth is great for enabling hands-free calling and connecting your smartphone to listen to music. One of the aspects to emphasize about this product is the extreme attention of the pre and post sales customer service. Should you encounter a problem with Honboom, customer care will be ready to answer you in less than 24 hours.


  • Easy install
  • Nice stereo


The MirrorLink feature doesn’t work with all the smartphone

4. Camecho - Best Cheap Car Radio With Rear Camera

Screen size: 7 inches CAMECHO

You haven't planned a big budget for the purchase of your new car radio, but you still hope to benefit from a high-performance and efficient product? Well then, CAMECHO is the offer for you in this ranking.

Even being offered at a most affordable price, this 2 DIN car radio with reversing camera will not fail to satisfy music lovers looking for a device delivering excellent sound quality in addition to facilitating maneuvers by being connected with a camera recoil. And the images you'll see on its screen promise to be crisp and bright despite its very slim 4-inch size.

Like any modern double DIN car radio, this model has numerous connectors which extend its possibilities of use. You have among other things a USB port, an AUX input as well as a card reader to more easily read your songs from an external device but you can also connect it with a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. And you will no longer have to hold your phone to take calls as it has a built-in microphone.

Finally, reviews express only great satisfaction with the ease of use provided by the automatic activation of the rear camera when starting reverse gear. Offering functions that are very practical and inexpensive, we have to believe that the CAMECHO has it all.


  • Best cheap car radio with reversing camera from this comparator
  • Equipped with a 4-inch screen with good image clarity
  • Delivers excellent sound quality
  • Activates the reversing camera automatically in reverse
  • Can be associated to a smartphone with the Bluetooth link
  • Features a USB port, AUX input and SD card reader
  • Compatible with steering wheel controls


  • Display of the names of the radios is a little small
  • More or less basic menu
  • Rather complicated SD card navigation

5. Pioneer MVH-A210BT

Screen Size: 6.2 Inches Pioneer

This is one of the best and also one of the most expensive car stereos with the rear camera. The Pioneer MVH-A210BT allows you to take your music and video collection with you on the road. Whether it is stored on a USB device or on the latest iPhones or iPods via Bluetooth or USB .


  • Color customization
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Android compatible


Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices

How To Install A 2 Din Car Stereo? - Video Tutorial

Looking for a stereo or accessories for your vehicle? Use our Auto Fit Guide to find everything for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What Is A 2 Din Car Stereo?

The abbreviation DIN indicates "Deutsch Industry Normen" and refers to a radio standardization process that began in the 1980s. The "double", on the other hand, refers to the size of the spaces in which the console is inserted in the dashboard.

Therefore, these are the most common terms to indicate the best 2 DIN car radios that not only provide listening to the radio, but also serve as DVD players, navigation systems and touchscreens. In some cases the telephone function is also available.

Choosing the best 2 DIN car stereos with or without navigator is one of the best ways to turn your car into a tool to have fun and manage some fundamental aspects when sitting comfortably at the wheel.

+Does Best Buy Install Car Radios?

Yes, Best Buy has skilled Autotechs at multiple Best Buy locations across the US. Whether you buy a Best Buy car stereo system or not, you can get it installed at the Autotechs. Learn more and schedule your appointment.

+ What are the Best Brands of Car Stereos?
  • Pioneer
  • JVC
  • Ezonetronics
  • Honboom
  • Kenwood
  • Sony

Enjoy Your Music With Your Double Din Stereo With Backup Camera!

Now you know all the features of a double din car stereo with a backup camera. With our comparison of the best car stereos with rear cameras of 2021, we're sure you'll find it easier to find the model that's right for you. Whatever your needs, your expectations and your budget, the ideal product awaits you in our beautiful and thorough list.

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