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uber sign-up bonus how it works

uber new driver promotion include new huge sign on bonus for drivers that use our referral code when signing.

You don't need experience to work with uber. It's a flexible job, you can earn money on your own terms.

uber new driver sign-up bonus is a good way to make more money working on your own hours.

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Why Drive With uber?

Earn Money and Get Paid Instantly, Anytime

If you need money sooner you can use Instant Pay.

Earn More

Earn More with Tips in app, Power Bonus and weekely incentives that uber give to drivers.

Learn more about the benefits

Perks and Discounts

As a driver on the uber platform, can access rewards that help you reduce costs and keep more of your earnings. You'll enjoy special access to:

An Introduction to uber Sign-up Bonus


uber Requirements.

To get started and become a uber driver, both applicants and their vehicles must meet some requirements.


Set your uber Driver Account.

It's the first step to become a uber driver. Apply to drive with uber. We made for you an easy step by step tutorial. Donโ€™t worry โ€“ If you need to pause at any point in the sign up process, you are able to log back in right where you left off


Start To Drive.

A certain number of rides are required for new driver promotion. Bonus amounts and ride requirements change based on region. In addition to the sign-up bonus, uber offers Power Bonus which helps drivers to make more every week.

Uber Application Steps

How to apply to drive for Uber

Find the right way to sign as a uber driver

Uber Sign up

First Step

After reading the simple instructions below, create your uber account.

To receive your bonus, it is essential you fill this form correctly.

Fill up the form with:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • City You'll drive ( You will be able to drive in other cities within your State)

  • "The referral details" are included in the link ๐Ÿ‘‡
    Get Referral Code

  • /!\ You can sign-up for Uber and claim your bonus even if you don't have a car. Check Uber rental program

Like this...

uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Step 1

Uber Sign-up

Step 2: Driver Information

You need to fill in the form with your Social Security number and provide a picture of your Driver's Licence. As well as with Lyft and Postmates, even with Uber you will have to pass a background check. Potential drivers are screened for both criminal offenses and driving incidents

Like this...

uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Step 3
uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Step 3

Uber Sign-up

Step 3: Vehicle Inspection

It's a mandatory step to become a driver. The vehicle ispection is free. When you sign as a new driver you will be asked to do it in the uber's mechanic location closest to you. You choose the day and time you prefer. Vehicles must meet some criteria.

Application Process

If you are worried by Uber application process, do not worry ๐Ÿ˜Š Uber will assign you a tutor with whom you will communicate via SMS ... it is a valid help in the whole process of registration and even after.

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