How much do Postmates drivers make?
Everything you need to know about Postmates Pay

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Postmates Pay Model

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Working for Postmates is for everyone, you don't need experience, after signing up for Postmates you will become an independent contractor.

Postmates as well as other ridesharing companies, does not offer drivers a salary. Your earnings will be relative to how much you will work and the number of deliveries. Anyhow I try to be as clear as possible and to list all the components of your future income and also ways to optimize it.

how much do Postmates drivers make

How Much Does Postmates Pay?

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How much does a Postmates driver make?

Depending on the city, you can make up to $1,500/week as a Postmates courier.

Postmates has increased the amount of money you can make in comparison to their competitors through batching orders. This allows couriers to increase volume of deliveries and therefore hourly earnings and number of tips.

  • Through batching orders, Postmates are able to maximize hourly earnings by increasing the efficiency of deliveries. This means you would pick up another order on your way to delivering the one you already have

  • More deliveries = more money

  • Check out this real example Postmates shared with us:

    • A Postmate completed 7 deliveries in 84 minutes thanks to batching. This resulted in an impressive $41/hour

Postmates Pay

Good news: Earnings are typically transferred to your bank account within 4-7 days after a delivery is completed (it can take a few additional days for banks to process the transfer!)

How is the pay for each delivery calculated?

Postmates pays per delivery and you always get 100% of gratuity!

Delivery offers in the app may contain multiple pickup and drop off locations. The earnings for each delivery includes:

  • An amount for each completed pick up

  • An amount for each completed drop off

  • A per minute waited rate for time you spend at the pickup location

  • A per mile rate for the distance between the pickup & drop-off locations

  • Any blitz bonuses that are shown when you accept a delivery offer

  • Pay changes according to the city, check your market click here

Postmates Guarantee Pay

Postmates recently began an incentive program that guarantees you will make a specified amount of money.

Example - Complete 30 deliveries and earn $500. If you earn less than $500 on those 30 deliveries, Postmates will pay the difference.

Postmates Tips

Tips are a big part of a Postmate incomes. Unlike UberEats Postmates has a In-App Tipping Option. Postmates allow Customers to tip when they place the order. Postmates also allows Customers to go back in and tip your driver after they have made their delivery. Customers have the choice to tip through the app or in person using cash. Since 100% of the tips go to the Postmates driver, this can sometimes help them double their hourly pay.

How the tips are calculated in postmates APP

The app calculates a recommended 20% tip based on the total price—which includes your order subtotal, an operational service fee, and a delivery fee. However, users are free to tip any amount they choose

Earn some extra money...
It's easy

Make Money! Earn tips driving for Postmates

A few tips to increase your gains

Maximize your earnings

  • Like for Uber or Lyft; it's the most importantly strategy: Drive during heavy ordering times, around lunch and dinner Friday~Saturday nights and Sundays

  • Postmates Doesn't pay for gas or maintenance of your vehicle. However, Postmates authorizes drivers to change the type of vehicle to perform the deliverie at any time. When possible, make deliveries by bike, with a scooter or just walking.

  • Know the busy areas and avoid the areas where you know it will be impossible to find parking.

  • Wear your Postmates t-shirt - This is not a requirement, but being identified as a Postmats by restaurants and customers can help save time.

    You can buy your T-shirt click here

  • With a little extra effort, you can take better care of Customers and impress them: Consequently get in touch with customers and inform them about the status of their order, especially if you are late.

    Make real small talk

  • At the end I suggest you to have an efficient navigation app ( Waze or Google Maps)

Postmates F.A.Q.

How to set up your direct deposit and receive your earnings click here

Last Words

Postmates Requirements to become a Postmate are minimum, you only need to be at least 18 years old and own a smartphone. There are no Postmates vehicle requirements. Working as a Postmates courier is a flexible job. The referral bonus is a great incentive to try and become a Postmate

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*The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

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